SSL configuration with Captiveportal

  • Hello,
    I'm using Captive Portal with SSL.  I can insert the cert and private key just fine.  However, I need to put a line in the file /var/etc/lighty-CaptivePortal-SSL.conf.
    The line is: = "/var/etc/CA_issuing.crt"

    It looks like everytime I restart the portal service, the conf file get written over with the original one. 
    How can I fix this?

    EDIT:  it looks like this has been discussed here,2966.0.html
    I'll read on…

    According to thread above, did this feature got committed into the stable or RC code?


  • No, not as of yet.

  • @sullrich:

    No, not as of yet.

    That is my bad.  I had it working in a repeatable manner but kept running into weird issues (which I think were just me being dumb about stuff).  I am not working on that project at work anymore and pretty much dropped it.  If I get some time I may repeat what I had done with a newer version of pfsense.  I think I still have all the original diffs.


  • thanks for replying.
    for now, i used the method described in link above and it is working fine on 1.2RC3.
    If you have time, it will be nice to have

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