Feeling Lost Trying to figure this out

  • So this is my first "real" firewall having move away from my ASUS router.  The firewall rules I am trying to understand.  Basically I am trying to allow my VoIP phones access to their outside server on the following ports
    Port(s) Protocol Domain Description
    5060,9000 UDP         SIP Call Signalling
    5061 TCP                 SIP Call Signalling (TLS)
    16000-17999 UDP         RTP Audio
    80,443 TCP                 Phone Configuration and Firmware
    123 UDP us.pool.ntp.org NTP Time Synchronization
    514 UDP                         Syslog Logging

    Do I need to just create an LAN rule to allow any external traffic to come in  for all of these ports individually?

  • Ok so yes, I did add them all manually, it didn't work at first.  But then I noticed I had a protocol as TCP instead of UDP.  :-[

    Applied the right settings and then BAM it worked.

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