Showing success page THEN redirect

  • Is it possible to implement something like a splash page shown after a successful auth that will automatically redirect to the redirurl?
    Basically I don't want to generate a popup but to notify the client of the successful auth before automatically redirect to the original site the client is trying to browse.

  • I would say. You could use javascript on the redirect url page to then redirect the user to another page.

  • tks for the feedback.

    How is the original URL the user was browsing passed to the redirURL page then?

  • Banned

    Check referrer or whatever, frankly has nothing to do with pfSense.

  • IMHO it does as it all comes down to how the redirect is implemented, but tks for the hint.

  • with further tests I verified the referrer not to be the original URL, ie it seems the original PORTAL_REDIRURL is not made available using "After authentication Redirection URL".

    EDIT. Ok, my bad, the redirurl is indeed in the HTTP_REFERER.

    With some minor string parsing the redirurl can be extracted and used:

    $arrUrl = parse_url($REFERER);
    parse_str($arrUrl['query'], $arrVar);

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