[Help] CP https with internal certificate

  • Hi everybody,
    I want to use CP https with internal certificate in my pfsense 2.1
    My configuration:

    • Create an internal CAs in system –> cert manager:
                    only fill in "description name" and "Distinguished name"
                    Key length, Digest Algorithm, lifetime: default

    • Generate an internal certificate:
                    Certificate authority: CA was created in CAs tab
                    Key length, Digest Algorithm, Lifetime: default
                    Certificate type: Certificate Authority
                    Fill in "Distinguished name"

    • CP:
                    check "enable https login"
                    HTTPs server name: same "Common Name" of the Certificate
                    SSL Certificate: choose the certificate created above.

    My problem: most of computers authenticate normally with https CP, but serveral computers cannot use Chorme and Internet Explore browser to authenticate with https (not redirect to authentication page), Firefox is normal on all computers.

    In several computers, Chrome shows SSL error: Malformed certificate.

    How to resolve my problem ?
    Sorry for my english,


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