Remote sites getting same address

  • I've triple checked that I'm using different certificates, I've even made another new one for one of the sites just to be sure they were different.  Both sites have different host names as well.  I'm getting an address of for both of them.  According the the DOCs, this should be working I believe, as long as I have different certificates.  What else can I check?

    Just to make sure I'm doing the certificates right, this is what I did.

    On the Server, I made a new Internal Certificate labeled site2.  I exported the Certificate and Key and imported both into the site2 client cert manager.  In the client setup I select the site2 certificate.  Site1 has site1 certificate selected which was created and exported in the same fashion as the other certificate.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Well, I have ended up just assigning static IPs to the different clients, this will work for me.  Still curious why it wasn't working before.

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