Opt subnets cannot reach internet

  • Hey folks,
    I'm try to recreate a setup that worked well prior to 1.2 rc2.
    I have two additional subnets, PublicWireless(Opt2) and VODDMZ (Opt3). The PublicWireless is setup to use captive portal and and allow clients to get to the internet but not LAN hosts. VODDMZ is similar, but without captive portal (my TV services require that their box be able to reach the net and I dont want it on my lan).

    Both interfaces have DHCP ( and and clients do get the appropriate address.

    On PublicWireless hosts never even get the captive portal page. VODDMZ doesn't work at all.

    Here are the rules on the PubWireless:
    *  *  *  *  *  FiOSR       
    !*  *  *  LAN net  *  FiOSR  BLOCK WLAN->Lan

    (FiosR is one of my 2 WAN connections).

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts anyone may have.

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