[SOLVED]Skip Squid Proxy for some domains?

  • Hi.

    I have issue with 1 domain, for some strange reason it refuse to work with squid3, is transparent mode/no transparent, this site is famous for this behaviour.
    After thinking a while, is possible to skip the proxy and let the user navigate to this site without proxy intervention, just this domain?
    I'm not using wpad.

    Any tip will be appreciated, pfsense2.1 x64, squid3.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You would need to list the site's IP address(es) in the destination bypass box on squid's general settings, or use an alias to contain them and put the alias name in the bypass box.

    If you are NOT using transparent mode, then the exception would have to be placed in the client's proxy settings in their OS/Browser

  • I tried putting the hosts in the aliases & bypass in the squid gen settings but still no luck. when I try to access the ip it says connection reset. but i can ping it & get reply from the IP.

  • After bypassing the sites in webGUI, they may also need to be bypassed in browser settings.

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