How to ban network users mac adress

  • Hi,

    I am new user of pFsense and couldn't see or find any solition of my problem. I'm almot figured out everything but one thing troubling me is that I cannot block guests mac adresses. pFsense allows you to block ip adresses, but changing ip allows you to connect or pass through internet or network. So is there any way to ban the computers mac adresses that I dont wanna connect to my network ? to make it simple; I Wanna see the computers on DHCP Lease, see the mac adress and put the mac adresses in ban list or ban them ?

  • Use DHCP, enable Deny Unknown Clients and Static ARP.  That will let you whitelist what can be on your network.

  • Ok, I'll try, I cannot try now, it's off day and will try this on monday, thanks for the help

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