Can't get openvpn exceptions in the routing

  • Here's the setup:

    openwrt router( -> pfsense(, vpn client) -> openwrt again(different ethernet port)
    I have the firewall rules on openwrt setup so connections go through pfsense.

    Want to get rid of the openwrt router since it's redundant, but having an issue.

    On pfsense under the openvpn settings I have this set:

    auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn-password.txt
    ca /etc/ca.crt
    comp-lzo yes

    However, all the traffic still goes through the vpn.

    That computer, still goes through the vpn. Any ideas?

    Here's a crude drawing if the setup doesn't make sense.

  • What if you just use IPV4 as protocol in the rule, and do you have any floating rules?

  • Just tried ipv4 any traffic and the same issue

    No floating rules
    If openvpn is not connected(or if I disable the openvpn rule in the lan firewall rules) I cannot get traffic to pass through pfsense. I can still access pfsense at but I can't access the Internet anymore.
    I changed the "test" rule to include any address, but it won't pass through the normal wan interface.  Internet only works through the vpn.

    Here's the outbound rules

    Thanks for the help

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