Diablo Lag

  • Hi, Istarted ( again ) to play Diablo and I notice some lag up to 1000 ms on the game, but I'm not able to track it the main connectio ( I have 2 wan ) is on 20-30 ms.

    Is possible to create a rule ( like the one I use for WOW , with the wizard )  I don't find this game in the Wizard o in the Layer 7 rules.


  • Your in-game ping is depens on D3 servers load and rarely has something to do with your Internet connection. If your ping (not in-game ping) to the server ip is around 20-30ms then the problem is obviously not on your side.

    As a D3 player I'd say with 95% confidence that the problem is on server side. It's way too heavily loaded.

    L7 won't help you.

  • Diablo 3 is using these remote ports : 1119 TCP/UDP (mainly uses this) and 6881-6999 UDP
    if you create a lan rule containing these remote ports with a queue, it would solve your problem

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