Persistant VPN with whitelist

  • Is there a way to make all my WAN traffic be routed through a VPN connection that is persistant. Meaning, I've bought a VPN account for 60 bucks a year that has more than 30 servers worldwide. But sometimes a server can be down, I select another one and I'm connected again.
    Except I don't want to do this per device anymore but centrally from a PFsense box.

    Can I tell PFsense to not let me use the internet unless I'm connected through a VPN and give it a list of servers to try.

    But some traffic I actually don't want to routed through this VPN connection, my ISP also delivers TV and I can watch TV with my iPad if I'm connected on there network. So a whitelist would be necessary for this.

    Is this possible? This for me would be the prime reason to use PFsense, in the post Snowden revelations world I think this is must.

  • I am doing basically the reverse of what you are doing. Check this out for an idea on what needs to happen:,29944.0.html

    You can create rules that are based on Aliases, hosts, network range, etc. That can re-route your traffic however you define. You just have to setup the interface and gateway correctly.

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