Captiveportal Status – Where can I find this file (what directory)?

  • Greetings,

    Where can I find the Captiveportal Status file (what directory)? I'd like to use it for statistical purposes and make sure a backup of it is stored somewhere as I noticed that upon reboot of my psSense device previous days where gone.

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  • Hello,

    Look here /usr/local/www - it's there.

    Btw: I use this 'self-made scrpit' that a 'Munin' plugin uses:

    #!/usr/local/bin/php -q
    /* read in captive portal db */
    $cpzone ="cpzone"; /* hard code */
    $cpdb = captiveportal_read_db();
    /* determine number of logged in users */
    echo count($cpdb);

    to make this

  • Gertjan,

    Thank you for the response and sharing your code.

    Right now I have a simple click button Captive Portal with defaults configured. Do you happen to know how long a device has before it has to re-authenticate with the CP? I want to make sure I understand the data being collected… Whether the authentication in the log represents a unique one time event or is something that may reoccur again in given amount of time.

  • Well,

    Toy a little bit with the two time-out settings (hard and soft) and you'll understand quickly how they interact.

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