CP not working after upgrade (2.0.1 -> 2.1/2.11)

  • Hi, Im trying to get to the bottem of a problem i have with our pfsense environment.

    We are using the PFsense purely for the captiveportal on our public hotspot environment.

    We are using a High Availability setup with 2 boxes. At the moment te primary box runs 2.0.1 and the secondary (backup) runs 2.1.1 as of yesterday.
    We followed the guidelines for upgrading by upgrading the secondary unit first and then peforming a failover.

    After the failover we noticed that the captive portal wouldnt show up on the clients and we had to turn the service off or revert to the primary unit.
    I have done a clean install of the 2nd  unit but still the portal page cant be loaded.

    Our portal page contains some simple text and an "agree" button that, after being pressed, sents you to the page requested.

    We noticed that 2.0.1 and 2.1.1 works different. When we open a page, say google.com on the 2.0.1 machine we get the following URL: The IP adres you see is somewhere outside on the internet.

    When we browse to the same page on the 2.1.1 machine we get the following URL, but no portal page (times out):
    This IP adres is the LAN interface on the pfsense. We see exactly the same on the 2.1 release.
    I dont know if this is causing an issue or it is something completely else.

    I can post configs/screenshots or whatever you guys need to try and resolve this issue.

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