• hi all. you can pass those recorded in a captive portal to another pfsense captive portal users and make these work without having to register?
    when copying captiveportallan.db and captiveportaldn.rules a pfsense to another, I can see that users who are registered in a pfsense captive portal appear in the other pfsense captive portal, but when I go to browse the internet ask me again authenticate me.

    thank you very much

  • Copying these files isn't going to let the user get through.
    The firewall should also be setup.

    Check /etc/inc/captiveportal.inc - line 1761 function portal_allow to see what  needs to be done.
    (using pfSense, 2.1.2 - if not, upgrade)

  • thanks for your answer.
    I understand that too would have to do an update of ipfw rules but that's what I'm not capable of.

    any suggestion is welcome


  • Well, if this is a pfSense after pfSense setup, then you have a router after router setup.
    That's more an expert thing …. no good to start with.

    Consider Interner <=> Box 1 <=> Box 2 <=> portal users....

    If you can't do otherwise, what about reserving NIC on pfSense box 1 - and hook up box 2 to it. Open the firewall on this NIC, and you're fine.
    Or, keep the Portal after Portal, and say to box 1: everything coming from the IP of box 2 should pass without captive portal treatment.

  • our planning of access to network don´t allow this configuration.