Using SMS codes to pass the captive portal.

  • Hi Guys , I am thinking of a solution to manage SMS codes to access my network any ideas to do this ?
    This is the idea , you can send "access" from your cellphone to some number and they return some code to you I need check this code in the captiveportal an then you can access to the network

    Any ideas ? thanks !

  • Here is one way you could go:

    1. setup an SMS gateway interface (Kammel or Drupal has one)
    2. user requests access via SMS to your gateway/interface
    3. code it such that it assigns a username and password to the requester and sends it to the requester via sms
    4. Add a radiusserver like freeradius and DB (mysql or postgres) , and code the site to add the username and password to the radius server DB.
    5. configure PfSense to use radius auth for the CP.
    6. add the necessary code to allow users to change passwords lost password etc… either via SMS of a web interface or both...
    7. add code to admin the site

    thats what I would do.


  • These are interesting ideas.  In light of innovation being dead on the captive portal / m0n0wall side (what happened to Jonathan?) I think we are going to go ahead and break tradition and start to innovate more on the captive portal side.  Please let me know if you need any questions answered and we would like to commit your work once it is completed.

  • Not a coder so I cannot offer much help there, but I really love the sound of this idea.
    It adds a layer of identification that is great!

  • lets post a bounty on this ideea its sounds good and we can made some cool wifi access and profitable

  • Now this is a good Idea that I would be interested in placing some cash to motivate this idea through the pipes! Post here who all is interested and I will post the bounty and pony up the cash!

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