Problems in configuring OpenVPN server

  • Hello , I have configured openvpn server on my pfsense 2.1.1
    My server has 1 WAN card and 1 LAN card .
    My pfsense server also has 2 virtual IP addresses (type IP ALIAS).
    In the configuration of OpenVPN server I entered one of the two virtual IP addresses in the interface field .
    When I connect from an external PC , the connection works fine and I get assigned an IP address .
    If I do connect another external PC ( while the first is already connected ) , the server issues the same IP address to the second PC and, at this point, does not work anymore.
    Finally, on my pfsense server is active, the DHCP service on the LAN interface .
    I would like to make sure that when a PC is connected to the pfsense server, the DHCP server release to this PC.
    I've never configured OpenVPN before and I have no experience in this regard.
    Can anyone help me?
    Waiting for a reply , I greet you cordially.

  • Banned

    You either need to stop using same certificate for both connections, or check the proper checkbox in OpenVPN configuration to allow this.

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