Upgraded to 2.1.2 today Lost Client Export

  • I ugraded to 2.1 the other day and saw they quickly changed to 2.1.2..  Anyway after upgrading, I've come yet again to try and figure out why windows does not route all data through VPN yet a Mac does perfectly.  I have a new install of windows, and was going to export the client data to the new machine.  Come to find out the client export is now gone.  when trying to download the package installer if fails and rolls back with error

    pbi_add: Invalid file for usercheck!
    of zip-3.0-amd64.pbi p7zip-9.20.1-amd64 failed!

    Installation aborted.Removing package…

    Now I am stuck without an export.  What to do?

  • Known issue at the moment, creator working on a fix.