Problem connection between station connected in the same access point (WLAN)

  • Hi all.

    I found one problem with pfsense. I have a pfsense with two wireless interface working in access point mode  (ath0 y ath1) and laptops working in infraestructure mode. Laptop a y b are connected in ath0 interface and laptop c y d connected in ath1. I can't communicate between laptops a-b and between c-d. In resumen, I can't comunicate between the laptos connected to the same access point but I can communicate between the laptos conected in different access point.

    What is the problem? What can I do for communicate laptops a-b and laptops c-d?


  • quote from the config page

    Allow intra-BSS communication 
    When operating as an access point, enable this if you want to pass packets between wireless clients directly.
    Disabling the internal bridging is useful when traffic is to be processed with packet filtering.

    enable it and your clients can talk with each other

  • Hi,

    I din't found this option in the web configurator. I'm using an old version but I don't want update the firmware in this equiment. Is there another option?

  • You could use the search function of this forum and find this post:,2237.msg15141.html#msg15141

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