OpenVPN dual wan

  • I have a setup with dual wan and a OpenVPN server (utp) in a pfSense 1.2RC3 box.
    The clients have remote lines in config for WAN and OPT1. I'm using float option both in clients and server.
    If my WAN link goes down all seems to work thru the OPT1 as was setup with the balancer, all but tunnels.
    Seems that the server keep trying to send this ovpn traffic thru the dead WAN link (because is default gw).

    I've been searching forums and found some related topics from a year ago, but with no real solution.

    Also found this :

    so tryied to add the "local" line after duplicate the config, but sockstat -l doesnt show any additional daemon for that port, and neither seems to work.

    After that, i tryied in shell :
    route delete default; route add default _OPT1_gw

    That way, all the tunnels worked again.

    Anyone knows how to make this work in an automatic mode ?

    If wan link dead, if possible that assign default gateway to another interface ?
    or there is any way to accomplish this with rules to load balanced pools ?


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