Generation vouchers best practice?

  • Hello,

    I am reading this forum for a while since I started using PFSense as router an firewall for our Wireless-LAN environment.
    Works fine so far. One thing that bothers me, is the best way of creating vouchers.
    Please excuse, if there is already a topic referring to my issue. If so, I just did not find it.
    My tests made me wonder about some thing.
    Lets say, I create a new role (#1) for vouchers that last one day (1440min) and generate 10 vouchers for this role.
    If these 10 vouchers are used, I need more 1440min vouchers. If I just change the number from 10 to 20 in role #1 all vouchers from the first generation are regenerated and activated again.
    So I would have to create a new role with the same duration to get new vouchers which have never been there before, right!?
    Is there another way to handle that or do I have to create new roles every time?

    Another question concerns the csv-file which I can export to. Is there a easy way to change the information about it's content?
    Per default it provides the role, the number of bits, the magic number, the character set and the voucher codes itself.
    Can I add the name o the portal it comes from and the duration in minutes for example?
    The reason I am asking is, that we import this csv-files into a DB for later use.
    I have to add the information manually each time, to mark them in the DB. Would be much easier with an automatic addition of this.