Question wireless Router

  • ???I don't know how to set this up .I want to have wireless router connected to pfsense through a third networkcard. So the setup would be one Wan card one current lan behind pfsense and a open connection going to a wireless router is this posible ?  ???

  • Connect the wireless router to OPT1 and away you go.

  • How do i setup to get opt1 .The third network card is dissabled in bios right now . ???

  • Are you sure it is disabled in the bios?  If so you would need to enable it or install PFS on a unit (PC) that will allow for the third interface.  You could search the forum and find out if you could use a USB network adapter for the third interface, assuming of course that your pc has USB ports.
    The next question is what do you mean by "how do I set up opt1".  I have this exact setup and can tell you How I have configured this let me know where you are.  Have you created this interface?

  • To setup an Opt1 go to the web GUI and Interfaces->(Assign). If Opt1 doesn't show up from the Assign page then your system is not recognizing your device. If you do see then assign the interface and refresh your page. Then look at the menu and you should now see Interfaces->Opt1 you can configure the interface from there.

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