Multi VPN, single wan failover

  • Just wondering if failover of openVPN clients is possible, and if so, what needs to be put in place for it to work.


    Host –>PFsense -> VPN 1 end point

    if VPN 1 is down, choose VPN 2, if 2 is down route traffic through 3.. etc etc

    Thankyou in advance

  • Hi Yes Ive dont it and i have it to do load balancing just search for my name and HMA and a nice chap suggested how to do it but
    create 2 clients
    create 2 interfaces
    go to routing add your two interfaces and give it a group name set your fail over rule and user the group name as the gateway

    sorry I cant give you the full detail but Im late and I need a beer .
    if you need any help just let me know and if I can I will

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