OpenVPN Site-to-Site through Roadrunner

  • Hi All,

    I was  wondering if anyone has managed to setup something similar to this:

    Client A (OpenVPN Roadrunner) -> Site A ( -> Site to Site OpenVPN -> Site B (

    Basically I am trying to setup an OpenVPN client PC to connect to pfsense at Site A, then to use the Site to Site VPN between Site A and Site B to connect to Site B on a different network.

    Do you think this is possible?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, this is pretty common.  Just need to configure separate instances of openvpn (one for the site-to-site and one for roadrunner).

    On the road warrior config, you just need to push a route to Site B's LAN.

  • Let's assume the SiteA RoadRunner tunnel is
    On SiteB site-to-site Remote Networks put,
    On Site A RoadRunner server Local Network/s put,
    Then routing will work.

    Make sure rules on OpenVPN at SiteA and SiteB allow the traffic to/from those subnets.
    Then firewalling will allow the traffic.

    I connect in like this all the time, to 1 office, and use the whole internal network across lots of offices.

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