Captive portal doesn't show login page anymore, and give free access

  • Good afternoon,
    I belong to a student organisation which set up an annual LAN with tournaments online (SC2, CS:GO, DOTA2, etc). This year I chose to set internet connection with a pfSense gateway with a captive portal. The CP ask FreeRadius for the user authentication, and Free radius ask for a database which is located on another computer, with MySQL (dedicated computer, only the database).
    The event took place on the last Friday until yesterday. Everything went well during the first two hours : the users could see the CP and use their login. But then the CP didn't appear anymore. Instead of stopping all connections, the gateway has given free access to whoever connected his computer on the local network. This happened after that 37 users have logged in. I have switched off and on all the network (gateway + database + internal games server + flush the logged in users table) but the CP didn't appeared again, so all players got free internet all the week-end.  Just in case : I un-ticked the Message-Authenticator in FreeRadius;

    the only clue I have to work on now is an error I get if I try to reach the login page manually (with the address) : I don't have the exact message right now but in concern the line 446 int /etc/inc/ I've already done researches about his, without result.
    Have anyone any idea about this issue ?

    PS : sorry for poor English

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