Feature request

  • With vouchers Concurrent Log in Disabled:

    • Deny new login attempt new session or Kick Old session option.
    • Sticky this voucher for a specific MAC. Could be place in captive portal status for easier use.

    With vouchers Concurrent Log in enabled:

    • add set number of max users in creating rolls.

    - add option length of voucher.

    • add bandwidth option per roll.
    • display all used/unused vouchers by roll for easy management.

    Hope this are all possible.

    Update and additional request :).

    • Option to add redirection to CP on squid port. As it is very unsecure to have transparent proxy with Captive portal. It is very easy to scan open ports in pfsense using zenmap, since transparent proxy cannot have authentication they can access the proxy and bypass the CP when they know the proxy port.

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