PfSense and ESXi security

  • Hi all,

    I have a HP Gen 8 server that is running ESXi 5.1u1, which is the latest available version that VT-d is supported (as HP mucked up the ROM firmware!)

    I need to use VT-d for one of the other VM's to access a HBA, so can't upgrade ESXi without buying a new non HP server.

    Are there any known security issues with running pfSense (latest version) on the internet edge, using an old version of ESXi?


  • Running in a VM or on Bare Metal isn't going to change the security scope of pfSense. Of course, the HyperVisor could have its own set of vulnerabilities that pfSense may have no choice but to inherit. So you're not asking a question about pfSense at all… You're asking if ESXi has any unpatched vulnerabilities that you should be concerned about.

    I would recommend you take a look at known vulnerabilities for the version of ESXi you plan to run and deciding if the exposure is too large.

  • I run pfSense under ESXi 5.5 without any problems.  However, if security is your top priority then I would avoid virtualizing it and instead buy an ALIX board or pfSense-ready router hardware between your ESXI boxes and your ISP's router.

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