AP only config?

  • How can I use the OS to AP only, so say I have wrap2C that has 1 LAN 1 Wireless port, so in this case I wont have WAN and I need 2 LAN ports bridjet togather? How can I have that?


  • bridge lan and opt 1 to wan.
    then either disable firewall or…

    configure the nat rules so that nothing gets natted. filtered bridge config.

    the wan is then the placeholder and the gateway will live above the wan.

    is this what you are looking for

  • yea I guess so…. the think I wonder about is that I have to use OPT1 (well ATH0 or Ill call it LAN) as WAN because its wireless, so I have to use WAN as a config port, so I hope it wont het bloked..... let me try thsis senario and I get back in here

  • I need this exact config, only I can't figure out how to make OPT1 work.

    both gui and console won't allow me to give ath0 to both WAN and OPT1, and without it being on OPT1 it doesn't have any wireless settings in the gui.

  • Oh I forgot to post back in here….
    Well,  jrmann1999 , what I did was that I set LAN interface (OPT1) to work as LAN(sory for redunducy) and I set ATH0 to work as WAN
    Then I wen and diasabled routing and NAT and configured WAN wireless setings. All works fine... oh yea i think u have to config firewall too... dont remember that was half or more yeras ago....

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