Internet flow through OpenVPN

  • I set a site to site VPN with 2 pfsense routers.

    Does the internet traffic flow outside the VPN or through the VPN?

    If so how do i make it so that the internet only flows through the VPN.

    Because im looking at the Status: OpenVPN page and the bytes sent and received are low, even if i download a 100mb file. So i assume the internet doesnt flow through it.

    But they are connected to one another.

  • Set default route on the end you want to flow through the tunnel, to the VPN IP address of the other end.

  • By the end what do you mean?

    The one on the client side or server side?

  • How do i setup the route as well? Im a bit lost on that.

  • I am still a bit lost how to route all my internet traffic through the openVPN. If anyone knows a way, i would really appreciate it.


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