Renaming a url table alias leaves Diagnostics>Table entries for the old alias

  • Hi all,

    Creating an alias, let's say test1, works as expected.

    Renaming that alias to test_1 correctly updates the rules (they show the new alias as used, popup when hovering over the alias's name shows addresses assigned to it), and correctly creates a test_1 entry under Diagnostics>Table.

    The problem is that the old test1 alias is still listed in the tables dropdown, containing addresses. So, the drop down shows both: test1 and test_1.Shouldn't test1 be deleted from the dropdown? Why does it still contain values?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Normally pf would flush that out the next time the rules are (re)loaded. If no rules reference it, it's not really hurting anything though.

  • Just checked, and yes, the old entries were indeed removed. Thank you.

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