Reloggin not possible did not find logginpage

  • Hello together,

    can anybody help me? I have a Problem with the captive Portal Login. The captive Portal works allready fine. The Users get Vouchers and can logg in. For Exemple 1440 Minutes. This works perfect, all right. After the Time of the Voucher ist out, and the User Needs an new Ticket, becaurse he stay another day, he did not find the logginpage automaticly. He must type in the Weblink of the logginpage, than it workt allready.

    I allready set the Maximum DHCP Lease time to the Maximum Voucher Time, but this did not help.

    This happendes whiff different Browsers and OS. Has anybody an idea?

    Sorry for my bad english.


  • Hi there.

    I didn't check by use 'Vouchers' (I don't sell Portal Time) but was running around in the code that handles all this.
    Question: What is your Hard timeout ? Idle timeout ?

  • Wehre can i find this Information?

    "Question: What is your Hard timeout ? Idle timeout ?"

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