Typical pps count for in-block?

  • Just noticed that our RRD graphs are showing average in-block pps in the 30+ m pps range.  Is this normal/expected behavior?  We are on a 100m fiber connection and have very minimal usage (<1mb average) and everything is going fine…just surprised to see so many packets getting blocked.  Thoughts?

  • m = milli in that context on the RRDs, that's very little.

  • Netgate Administrator

    My inner engineering pedant has to point out that:
    The 'm' on RRD graphs is for milli, 10^-3. Micro (ɥ) shown as 'u' is 10^-6.
    Sorry.  ;)

    Either way a very small number of packets per second.


  • Thanks Steve. This is why I should be sleeping and not replying to forum posts at 5:30 AM.  :P

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