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  • I have a system running 2.0.1 in a hotel. some users will not get the captive portal login page. this is a few people, if we point the browser to the IP:8000 of the pfsense machine, they can then login. most everyone else gets redirected properly.

    I've seen it here and there, sometimes it's a PC, sometimes a MAC. People get frustrated very quickly. Could this be a browser setting? Is there a common solution?

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    The simplest explanation is that their home page is HTTPS, not HTTP. If they don't load an HTTP page, they can't get redirected to the portal.

    Check your captive portal and system logs to see if you can find any references to their MAC address or IP address prior to the page load failure.

    That isn't something common to see, but if they are not getting redirected then it could be something with an older session for that IP or MAC address.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    No matter what web page we try to load (http only), nothing happens. As soon as we put in the IP of the PFsense, bingo, they can log in and everything works fine.

    I've had this happen on pfsense and on an hp product. Some Apple, some PCs. So I'm not really sure what the problem is.

  • Same problem only when wan connection failed

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