Windows File/Printer sharing on OpenVPN

  • I have several RoadWarrior client with IP
    My LAN is and the pfsense box is

    I can see windows file/printer sharing from RoadWarrior client to LAN client, but I can't reach file/printer sharing from LAN to RoadWarrior client. I'm using IP address instead of computer's name.
    Ping is fine from both side. I only have one firewall LAN default rules activated.

    Should I add more firewall rules?

  • To be honest i'm surprised you can ping at all since you use a /16 for your lan and a /24 within that /16 for you RoadWarriors.

    Most probably it's a problem with the client (Win XP?) and not with pfSense.
    Try to disable the WindowsFirewall and see if that helps.
    After that enable it again and find out what to allow.

  • oh… you're right... i turn off windows firewall and i can access all file/printer sharing...  ;D

    btw... i have 3 pfsense box, the default gw for LAN is
    the OpenVPN is in another pfsense box using additional static route at the client/server on LAN.

  • why not just use a different subnet?
    i mean it makes it only more complicated and could be a source of problems.

  • hmmm… nice suggestion... i think i will shrink the subnet on LAN from /16 to /24 or using different ip block for openvpn.

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