Bounty - DLNA over OpenVPN (tun) ($75) or IPSec ($50)

  • Hi,

    i want to use my DLNA server (Plex Media Server) over VPN, if possible over OpenVPN with the tun device.
    I tried to configure it several days, but no success.

    I have 1 Main Location (with the DLNA server) 2 guest locations, both connected to the main location via OpenVPN (tun) S2S
    On each location a pfSense 2.1.2 instance is the router/gw

    I tried this one, but it doesn't work for me (pfSense with IPSec)

    Not working at the moment:

    • lg smart tv can't find the dlna server (from both guest locations)

    • windows and vlc can't find the dlna server

    Languages: German and English (German preferred)

    I hope someone can assist me with that.

  • Hi There

    I'm trying the same stuff to get worked. I want to access a DLNA Server from remote sites, trough VPN
    How i have to setup the IGMP Proxy?

    Upsteam and Downstream Interface to LAN.
    Add to the Encryption Domain?

    regards tohil

  • I had managed to get DLNA working over an openvpn tunnel, the remote server had to be re-purposed so I'm going from memory for its config.

    The link you posted was the same I had used when I started.  For IGMP on your server the LAN is the upstream and downstream is openvpn tunnel, put in the tunnel network and the remote LAN networks.  For the remote, the openvpn tunnel is the upstream and your LAN is the downstream, I can't remember if I had put the networks here.

    Next step was setting up the firewall, I put in a rule under the openvpn interface and the LAN interface for both devices, the key was putting a check-mark under advanced "allow ip options to pass".  I've attached a screenshot.

    edit, just remembered that I also added a firewall rule under the openvpn tunnel interface allowing udp, attached another screenshot

    Hope that points you in the right direction.

  • Multicast won't work over IPSec unless you also do a L2TP tunnel as far as I know.
    And it will work over OpenVPN, but not if you use TUN, only over a TAP interface.

    You would need to make a VPN bridge, but I haven't been really successfull yet :)

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