Voucher can't login , redirect login page again.

  • Hello community,

    i have a problem looks like complicated.
    when i'm browsing google.com pfsense voucher login page is coming. It's o.k. but when i'm entering code and applying code ,text box is clearing and nothing happens.i'm entering expired voucher code and it says this code expired so its also ok.
    by the way problem is only with different language devices. so my phone and computer Turkish there is no problem like this and i'm trying with finnish language Samsung S4 device there is same problem and trying with Finnish windows laptop and the same problem.i'm trying with my own Turkish S4 device there is no problem.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    my pfsense ip address
    voucher login page :

  • When you visit the login-page of your pfsense-router, what url do you get?

    www.\….???....(What is here written?)
    When here is something like "generate" in the url, then you should read my post here:

    When it is not in the url, I hope any other can help you


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