How to block webgui from wifi client?

  • Setup

    modem–router ( --pfsense (wan= lan= --opt1( --wifi client(

    wan accept any
    lan accept any
    opt1 block dest
    opt1 accept any

    I want to access webgui from With this setup my wifi client is able to access How do I limit access to allow only internet traffic?

  • opt1 block dest

    With this setup my wifi client is able to access

    So block the correct subnet!

    Add a allow rule on OPT1:

    ID 	Proto 	Source 	Port 	Destination 	   Port 	Gateway 	Queue 	Schedule 	Description 	
    	*        * 	 * 	!      *      	* 	none 	  

    And it will be done.

  • Thank you for your help. There is a typo my block rule is Sorry for the confusion.

    I did add the block rule as you suggested and again it did not produce the expected result.

    What I left out in the details is that I have Squid proxy on OPT1 and it turns out that is the source of the problem. Strange thing is webgui via lan port is blocked for wifi clients as expected. Any ideas?

  • I have to be sorry also. In my rule there is also an typo.

    The rule I suggested should allow all traffic on OPT1 except with destination to your LAN net. So you have to use your LAN net there, instead
    Note: Enter LAN net at destination and check "not" above to invert this.

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