Wlan working fine, after 2 hours not?

  • Hello community,
    I have a weird behaviour with my wlan network.

    I have configured Captive portal and it is working fine. But when I leave my computer for approximately 2 or 3 hours and come back and want to surf in the internet, I can`t.

    I am still connected to the router, I am still having the same ip-Adress I had two, or three hours before, but I can`t connect to the internet.
    Browser is always saying "Cannot find page".

    I thought maybe there is a problem with the pc, tested it with my laptop -> same behaviour.

    The internet is working again, when i disconnect the wlan-connection and connect again to the network, but this is in the length of time nerve-racking.

    So how can I solve this problem?


  • I have the same problem
    My pfsense run with LAN and WIFI interface and sometime I can't connect internet with WIFI, so I must reboot pfsense
    when reboot done, everything is OK, but the same problem happen after few days
    Is it about system or WIFI interface (run with Captive Portal) ??
    LAN interface is OK

    P/s: sorry abt my bad English

  • So very late but still the same problem:

    Yes i run captive portal and I think there must be an error, because without capitve portal I don`t loos the internet connection.

    Maybe there is a problem with the token? I don`t know I am not a programmer!

    Can anybody help us?

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