Minipci for WLAN N with 300Mbit/s

  • Hello,

    i want to have a new low-cost pfsense hardware with wlan.

    I have found that the PC Engines APU.1C would fit my needs for simple firewalling, OpenVPN and IDS (snort) features.
    But well out of the box there is no wlan support chip on the board itself. So i need to buy an additional minipci card.

    Because im from germany I'm up to order the bundle from varia-store:
    At PCengines ( there is the recommandation to use the "wle200nx miniPCI express wireless module" (

    So here comes the problem. I have red about that there are some problems with wireless N standard in pfsense.
    And that this card isn't supported under PFsense, is that right?
    Well the threads are some years old. What is the actual situation? Is wireless N supportet? With the maximun (brutto) speed of 300Mbit/s?
    And if so, can you give me a hint for a good card that works fine with pfsense and apu1c?

    Want components did you use?

    At last I want to know how did you build the things together?
    Do i need additional things or can i just put the minipci card at the board? (where?)

    Is there a way of using an antenna to max the range of the Access Point?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    edit: i forgot to mention: i want to have multi-ssid for generating 2 wlans. 1 for myself and 1 for guests. The card should support such a thig if possible. If this isn't that's not the big problem. i could live without it.

  • 802.11n doesn't work.  There are some n cards that are detected but they will work at g speeds only.  Get an external access point.

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