Air Display between LAN and WIFI networks

  • Hi!

    My iPad is connected to my WIFI interface, my Laptop is connected to my LAN network and I'd like to use the iPad as an external display.
    If both devices were in the same network, this would work fine; however with pfsense both networks are firewalled and a bit restricted.
    Unfortunately, I'm not the best when it comes to the creation of firewall rules.

    Here are the requirements from the Air Display website:

    Air Display requires multi-cast routing enabled. Air Display requires no restriction on UDP traffic over the network. Air Display requires ports 5353, 6000, 6001, and 6002 open in order to connect. (5353, 6000, and 6002 are UDP. 6001 is TCP. )

    So, I've create a rule on the WIFI interface that allows all traffic between my laptop and my iPad, and I've done the same on the LAN interface vice-versa.
    However… the whole thing is not working.

    Can anybody help me enabling this?

    Kind Regards,


  • I would guess it also needs Bonjour advertising to cross the networks to make the service visible on the other network. The Avahi package could do that I think, haven't tried it myself though.

  • Not necessarily. I can enter the IP of the iPad on the Laptop client. But doing that it's still not working…

    I suppose I'm not quite clear on how to satisfy this requirement:

    Air Display requires multi-cast routing enabled.

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