PPPoE/PPTP(+DHCP) connect options on OPT-Interfaces **$250-$350**

  • i am posting a $100 bounty to gain support for PPPoE connections on Optional interfaces.  I am mainly wanting to connect to 3 different dsl accounts and do so with the DSL modem in bridge mode.  Thanks for your interest, Ryan

  • I'll add another $100 to the pot.


  • Bounty (paid via Paypal) for the following:

    $50–Add PPPoE and PPTP support for OPT interfaces (letting OPT interface authenticate ISP's PPPoE and PPTP server--essentially same options presently available on WAN interface - don't need bigpond)

    $50--Add option for getting the inital network IP on PPTP ISP interface dynamically (DHCP), then letting you authenticate to ISP servers.  ISP's in Europe and Asia like to use this method since often the infrastructure provider (Telco or Cable Co.) and ISP are separate (the govenment's idea of promoting increased competition) so you need to get a WAN IP first on the infrastructure's private Intranet, and then connect to the Internet through the ISP's PPTP gateway connected to the Infrastructure company's private intranet)

    Right now, in order to connect on my cable modem to the Internet, I use a router that get's the IP ( dynamically from the infrastructure's DHCP server on their private Intranet, then connect to my ISP's PPTP gateway (213.x.x.x) on the same intranet to tunnel out to the net.  I have to use a separate router that supports this (Edimax and 3com do as far as I know so far) and NAT it over to the pfsense server; I'd like to eliminate the need to use the router for this.

    The PPTP Should look something like the following

    **WAN Interface Settings   **

    (o)Obtain an IP address automatically :
    (o)Use the following IP address :

    IP Address : 
    Subnet Mask : 
    Default Gateway :      [My ISP's PPTP server is on a different subnet so a gateway option is needed too]

    PPTP Settings

    User ID : 
    Password : 
    PPTP Gateway : 
    Connection ID (optional) :   
    MTU :

    ($50 bonus if both are done together for total of $150)

  • I just added a bounty ($50 alone, $150 if it is completed with PPTP with changes.

  • Isn't this the same bounty as you bid on above?

  • Part 1 is the same (and I mentioned including it in that pool if it is done), Part 2 is new.

  • Please don't open a second bounty for the same (or partly the same) thing. Add additional requirements and/or money to the original bountsy. We now have to merge this manually and delete one of the threads to stop confusion.

  • I am in the process of implementing this. Though it will not be portable to 1.2.
    If you still would like to contribute at this please consider it.


  • This is implemented in 1.3 and you can test it with 1.3 ALPHA snapshots. Please chip in your pledges.


  • :-\

  • Ermal, have you not been paid for this work yet?

  • No, otherwise i wouldn't be moaning at this thread.

  • Looks like the first two bidders haven't been active on the forums since February and May respectively.  I sent them both messages, although I don't think I'd hold out much hope for getting the bounty from them.  Sorry man.

  • well even i was not holding my breath on it. but still wouldn't hurt some support :)

  • I got a reply back from the first guy.  He says:

    I was unaware that this this was completed.  I posted this bounty more than 6 months ago.  I am confused.  I thought that a bounty expired 3 moths after posting.  Maybe I am mistaken in this.  I do appreciate the work done on this, but I waited so long, I was forced to look into other solutions and opted to switch service providers so this feature is of no use to me anymore.  I may have misread the posting rules, but i thought that if I was still interested in this feature I was supposed to repost stating my interest.  I also can't run 1.3 at this time.  I really use this as a semi production router and can't afford for it to go down too often.  That was the whole idea in the multiple DSL accounts - high availability.  I apologize, but i will try to contribute something, when 1.3 is fully released.  Not because I feel I should be required to, nor because I am actually going to use this feature anymore, but because I appreciate the work you guys do to make this project great.  Sorry I can't do any more at this time.  Please feel free to contact me again when the full release comes out in case I forget.

  • Feel free to expire it anyway.

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