Problem routing two VPN´s between two cities.

  • Friends from this forum, I started using Pfsense these days, so I´m fresh using it and I´m facing a problem I can´t solve, so, I would like to ask for your help. Let me try to explain:

    I have two VPN routers in my company:

    VPN router-1 (city-1):
    VPN router-2 (city-2):

    We were able to get our VPN working between these two cities (The traffic was passing Through VPN router-1) when I was using Endian Firewall, but at this time I changed the old Endian for my new Pfsense Firewall and our VPN is not working anymore.
    I configured another interface in Pfsense as a new Gateway interface (pointing to gateway as the old one was) and I´m routing from city-1 to city-2 using the new gateway I created and it´s working,I can ping from city-1 to city-2 but when I try to create a second routing connection, it shows me a message informing that I cannot create the routing connection because it´s in conflict with the IP configured on LAN Interface (My LAN Interface is:, so, I would like to ask how could I create a new routing connection pointing from city-2 to city-1, passing through router-1 ( without facing this problem ?
    Thank you in advance.

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