OpenVPN Tap - Connect and no traffic (solved)

  • I start playing with pf sense last wednesday, after recall one partener recomendation from Ribeirao Preto, SP;

    My first try was a proxy with content filter based in MS AD authentication and after a few minutes of reading in this forum I had all up and running nice.

    Well Pfsense makes me crazy witht everything it can do and I love network challenges, so I start my tests… Just for information my first lab is just in production... he he...

    In Brazil there are so many corps using a simple internet access, normally NATED by ISP modem,  and to change this sometimes is a very long and hard way.

    The sample I used one client of mine using a NET ISP, behind a NAT, 10MB downstream speed.

    My first try was a VM behind this NAT using Hyper-V... (I Guess everyone can find a how-to to help) and I guess I can make this same proxy to authenticate VPN Clients in TAP mode  to access the LAN...

    I follow some guides from here and Hardmob forum.. as many people said I was in connect but no traffic between VPN Client and Lan, some people tell that VPN server can be reached but not the lan. I my case nothing can be reached even the server.

    My scenario My LAN PC ----> PPPOE Router ---->  Internet <------ISP MOodem/NAT---- Remote Lan --- PFsense(Single NIC)

    After too many test, including two NIC config, no solution..

    And after tests I try to set MTU in OPT1 (VPN INT) to 1490...

    Voila...  Everything works... including single NIC scenario.

    I dont find this info in forum... so I shared with community, if this was pointed in some other place Im sorry.


    Robert Jr.

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