Simple - I've got two wordpress sites that I can't reliably get to

  • I play around with wordpress a little bit at home.. nothing too exciting.

    I do NOT believe that those are CONSISTENTLY accessible externally.. How should I verify that?
    Furthermore, they are ridiculously slow.. and I'm just surprised that a couple of SSD hard drives haven't turned these simple templates to be lighting fast.

    I've just building a tiny portfolio of Wordpress demonstrations.. I have a HyperV machine on these two LAN IPs

    The punchline is this… I really think that these are working externally right now...

    Should I run NsLookup and log it?

    I swear, I was working for a swanky client the other day, and it confused me.. I request port 80 website, and the website was trying to do all of this outgoing port 15-20.. It was using http with ports 15-20 in order to try to read javascript, in order to try to read CSS, etc

    I thought that a port 80 request would get sent back over port 80?

    Just wanted to get some help, I can't afford to pay my router guy $200 every week. LOL

  • So, it looks like you're saying you have a number of issues, some unrelated.

    1. Intermittent connectivity loss
    2. Slow performance
    3. Trying to connect outbound on ports 15 to 20

    The third may be the cause of the second.  Fix it so that your sites are correctly referring to their includes and you won't be spending time waiting on connections timing out. Personally I can't see any real performance issues, the sites seem to load ok.

    Remember though that simply having fast disks doesn't mean you'll have fast sites. There is a lot more involved even just on your web host (like how CPU loaded it is, whether you have enough RAM and so on), never mind on the network…

    For the first, there are sites that'll monitor that for you. You then need to put internal monitoring in place to monitor things like the accessibility of the sites, how long they take to respond and also your internet connection. Then you'll be able to identify whether the issue is with your connection or your server.

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