PfSense 2.1.3 Captive Portal - Can Radius server receive accounting packages

  • Hi,

    i wonder if pfSense is able not only to send accounting packages to the radius server, but receive such.
    Situation is, that we have a SSO solution, which can send radius accounting packages to servers, for those users who are already authenticated.
    I did not find such a point in the configuration. This feature is supported by FortiGate, LightSpeed, SonicWAL, and so on.
    Is anyone aware of a solution for this?

    Thank you very much
    best regards

  • Yes it does as for example the shaping.

  • But it seems not to work for captive portal. I configured it to user my NPS Radius Server and authentification via MSCHAPv2. It works. But pfSense seems not to recognize the accounting packages, which are send by my SSO Server.

  • It depends on the details.

    Can you share what kind of frames are not understood by pfSense?

    Though reading again your post you are talking about stateless accounting packets(or outbound accounting packets) right?
    If that is the case no stateless accounting packets are not supported so far.

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