Announcing the May 2014 pfSense Hangout!

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    When: Friday, May 23, 2014 @ 1300hrs (1:00pm) central US time.

    This month's topic is an introduction to the packet capture functionality in pfSense, and fundamentals of packet analysis, allowing you to interpret its output.

    Packet analysis is the best and fastest approach to troubleshooting a wide range of network, routing and firewall-related issues. But many people are overwhelmed by the output and aren't sure how to use or interpret it.

    While some circumstances require extensive knowledge of the protocols in use to successfully analyze a packet capture, many issues can be analyzed easily with a basic understanding of the concepts involved.

    Attendees will come away with the knowledge required to use packet captures to troubleshoot common problematic scenarios such as port forwards, 1:1 NAT, Outbound NAT, virtual IPs, CARP, routing between networks and routing across VPNs.

    In order to take part in this hangout, you will need to be a pfSense GOLD subscriber. If you don't have a Gold subscription, get it now! The link to the hangout will be in your account as soon as it’s available.

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