Cant get port forwarding working (noob)

  • Hi first of all pls be patient. Ive just finished setting up my pfsense box I have 3 intel cards 1 for wan one for lan one for lan2 and a atheros wireless card. The lan2 and wireless are bridged with the lan on 192.168.66 network. my problem is i cant forward any ports with nat or manually this is one fo my net entry's wan tcp/udp * * wan address 5657 5657.
    One thing i have noticed that my or maynot be significant is that my wan ipv4 address is 80.189.. and my gateway ipv4 is 195.166... any help would be great thanks

  • Assuming PPPoE, the IP and gateway being that different isn't unusual and isn't a problem.

    Your port forward rule is correct to forward 5657 to that internal IP on 5657. Go through:

    Common problems 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 are my best guess with that info.

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