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    Was this clean install, upgrade?  Are you am64 or i386?  What hardware are you running on.

    How is anyone suppose to help you find the source of your problem without any details?  Maybe users should actually post information that can help them when they first post, because having to ask for it is not an optimal method ;)

    While I do agree with you completely about posting the required information (I really do  ;) ), if I may add: it would be handy if the powers that be, together with the other powers that be (you know who you all are, fine forum members without whom etc  8) ) would compile and sticky a post with required information. I am an economist by education and profession, and I tried to at least tell something about my hardware in my sig. But for me, as a non-technical man, it is guessing what kind of information I would need to provide.

    In my career I have worked for some huge companies (yes, Big Blue was one of them, I was over at ICG  ;D ), and in there they had simple checklists for customers who required support: 'please provide us with the following information to speed up processing your ticket'.

    I am sure the great powers & powers can easily make a list of CLI-outputs and such which will satisfy every need.

    Just a thought from a stupid economist  ;D


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