Suggestion for the Hangout

  • I can not post in that forum where the admins post the announcements, so I will want to do it here  ;D

    I am a Gold member, and I would suggest a hangout about: trouble shooting pfSense.

    I will explain:

    Pareto is still alive. 80% from all problems come from 20% of the causes. In my line of work: when I have to assess the problems in a company that appears to go bankrupt, we have mighty packs of check lists. But we start with the Red List: a list with 23 items where the company might have gone wrong. In 100% of the times, these items cover 80% of all problems. I am assuming the same will be the case in this area.

    My guess is: it wouldn't take the skilled networking professionals of this product too long to come up with a list that is exactly this:
    1. These are the top 23 problems we see;
    2. And in 80% of the cases, this was the cause.

    So if you tell people about this, and how to debug and solve that, you might be proposed for the next nobel price  ;D

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