Help setting up wireless with virtualbox

  • What would I need to do to get started? Could I use a wireless usb adapter or a pcie wireless card?

    As of now my system is like this.

    Microsoft KM Loopback adapter is my LAN

    Realtek ethernet card is my WAN

    My main objective is to have my entire house such as Laptops, Phones and whatever else that needs to connect to the internet to be able to use my virtualbox pfsense to route through to the internet. Is this even possible? I suppose it would have to be a dual lan configuration in which the opt1 becomes lan 2 for all of my wireless devices.  Would I have to do anything special to the wireless card configuration to have it work like my wireless router?

    Thank you

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    Realistically, it's not possible to do. USB might have a better chance, since the hardware can be passed through properly to the firewall in the VM, but I doubt you'll get the performance/behavior you want. Stick to an external AP.

  • Thank you for the reply. So , I will have to get my external pc set up again. The only thing that is keeping me from getting it set up is one I have to drill a hole for the ethernet most likely baren of a connector in order to get it through the small hole and then I would have to crimp it all together on the other side. Or, I could just jerry rig it and make a bigger hole just so the connector goes through the concrete and then seal it with cement putty. Or, I could just pay my isp $90 dollars to come out and do it but I don't like doing that. It's not that I don't want to pay but when it comes to my house I like to be the one operating the drill. Then again I may just do that anyways and just bite the bullet so to speak.

  • Add a ethenet card instead of a pcie wireless to the pfsense VM. Plug in a wireless AP or router to the ethernet.

  • Oh, I like that idea.

    So all I need is:

    1. another ethernet card (set Opt to make it another Lan?)

    2. Then  from that ethernet card connect an ethernet cable to a wireless access point.

    Sounds simple enough. But, if there is a security risk to having virtualbox run pfsense what would that be?

    Thank you jimp and gjaltemba.

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