Incoming VPN traffic

  • Hello all I'm looking for some clarification on firewall rules regarding my two VPN instances.

    I want very little connectivity between VPN_NOC and LAN_NOC.  The LAN_NOC interface has rules setup to limit traffic outbound to the VPN.  However, traffic is coming in completely unblocked from VPN_NOC and there are no rules at all set up on its interface.  Is this due to this OpenVPN interface with any/any rules?  Is it overriding the lack of rules on VPN_NOC and letting traffic through?

    Is the correct way to handle this to remove the rule form the OpenVPN interface and add rules to each individual VPN interface?  I'd like to keep the any/any rule for LAN and VPN_ICS.  But I'd greatly like to limit traffic coming in from VPN_NOC.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    OpenVPN tab rules are processed before the per-tab rules. Your allow all on the OpenVPN tab renders and assigned VPN interface tabs useless.

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